Stress and Mental Health

Restoring Balance in Body, Mind, and Spirit

Not only does stress exacerbate many physical symptoms, but it is often at the root of complex, multi-symptom presentations that don’t respond to typical medical interventions. Insomnia, difficulty in relationships, digestive issues, anxiety, fatigue, jaw issues, and muscle tension are often closely related to or caused by stress or a history of trauma.  

The field of neurobiology and polyvagal theory is coming to understand how we hold trauma in our body and the dizzying array of health problems that can result.   

Trauma is a loaded word, and while many people don’t identify as being traumatized, the unfortunate truth is that in addition to the stressors and experiences we have as adults, nearly two thirds of Americans have also suffered at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE).

From a functional standpoint, trauma isn’t so much defined by what happened, but simply by our capacity to deal with life’s stressors as they occurred. If that process was unresolved, it can result in a dysregulation of the nervous system, which is essentially what post-traumatic stress is. There is no question about it: Being stressed out, burned out, or run down over a prolonged period of time damages our bodies. 

Beth applies a trauma-informed approach to care, which makes a big difference for her clients. She spent a year training with one of the foremost experts in dealing with trauma from a Chinese medicine standpoint. By incorporating these techniques into her treatments, Beth has been able to vastly extend the effectiveness and scope of her work with trauma populations and those under a lot of stress. Traditional acupuncture and aroma acupoint therapy, which is the use of essential oils on acupuncture points, are often included in the course of treatment.

I feel so different after receiving treatments from Beth. My mind is clearer, I feel less stuch, and I have more energy. Thank you. I am lucky to have such an amazing healer in my life.
— B. L.
I went into Beth’s office with a heavy mind and left feeling burdens lifted and a clearer mind. The next few days I continued to feel lighter and clearer. Beth is amazing and comforting and brings a passion to her work that makes her work truly special.
— D. R.