Pain and Injury

Beyond Pain Management, Natural Pain Resolution

At some point, almost everyone experiences some kind of musculoskeletal pain. When pain interferes with your ability to engage in your normal activities, quality of life plummets, and frustration and anxiety build. Often, these negative feelings will exacerbate the pain. It is no wonder that we are experiencing an opioid crisis in our country.  But there are natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals that not only help the pain but also help relieve the stress and anxiety that come with it.
Acupuncture can help catalyze the body’s ability to heal itself, shortening the frequency and duration of pain flare-ups for those suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions. Adjunctive therapies like gua sha and cupping, which help relax the soft tissues and increase circulation, are especially useful when treating musculoskeletal conditions. As the pain lifts, people will often express that they feel less frustration and despair and more motivation to start living their life again. 

My shoulder and back feel so much better! I was able to get back to my exercise routine. Thank you to Beth and her magic needles!
— N. L.
Beth helped release my back and my hip flexor and I feel sooo much better... Like I feel a thousand times better!
— A. B.