Heal from Within

Chinese medicine is based on the belief that the most powerful healing available is your body’s own ability to restore itself. Tapping into your body’s natural ability to regenerate is powerful and noninvasive and has no negative side effects.

Treating the Root

Symptoms are an indication of an underlying imbalance. By treating the root cause of illness, not only will symptoms resolve, but you may also experience greater vitality, a peaceful sense of well-being, and an improved ability to stave off illness.

Holistic Approach

Stress and emotional hardship can create physical symptoms, just as disease can cause frustration and despair. Chinese medicine recognizes the dynamic and inseparable interaction of body, mind, and spirit. I provide a compassionate healing presence and a space to accept what is.

Individualized Care

Any symptom, be it as simple as a headache or as complex as diabetes, will be a unique experience for every person. Likewise, the path to restoring health is unique for every individual, and each acupuncture treatment and herbal formula will be tailored specifically for you.

Traditional Diagnosis

The diagnostic process in Chinese medicine was developed long before blood tests or X-rays. Observing the cyclic nature of the days, the seasons, a human life, the dynasties, and the stars led to an organic understanding of the art and science of sustaining life. By observing the matrix of your symptoms and how your body functions, our diagnostic process allows us to see where you are vulnerable and need to be supported and where you might be stuck and need a shift. It is simple, powerful, and effective.